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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Foamiran Roses

Good afternoon all

Following on from my last post with the rose tutorial, here is a finished project with the flowers made from foamiran which is a fine (0.6mm) foam which can be gently heated and shaped and is very lightweight, you can also colour it and stamp on it.

The only box I had was a pizza style box which I also painted and stencilled

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Jenny x

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Making Roses tutorial

Making paper Roses using

Sheena Douglass’s Perfect Partners

Rose die and Stamps

I wanted to make some paper roses and it’s ages since I have made any so thought I would do a little tutorial for them.  This is just my way of making them, there are lots of others out there.


100gsm copy paper

Distress or Oxide distress inks

Sheena – Rose die and stamps

Aqua Tints – Yellow light and dark and old gold

Wet glue

Ball  and quilling tool




I die cut 3 layers for each of my 5 roses and and 2 extra layers for my finishing petals and 2 sets of leaves for each rose.  3 colours of aqua tints onto my craft mat and sprayed with water and dipped the flowers into the ink, then using oxide wild honey I inked my stamp on the mat and lined up the Rose petals.   The paper can be delicate when wet but once dried really firms up.

The Leaves were die cut and 3 colours of the green oxide inks dabbed onto the craft sheet and sprayed with water and coloured each side   The leaves can be delicate when wet but even if they come apart can still be used.  The leaf stamp was again inked on my mat with distress oxide peeled paint and spruce and the leaves inked.

The leaves and petals were dried with my heat gun and then I shaped the Rose petals with a ball tool and used a quilling tool to run down the vein lines on the back of the leaves to give some shape

The first 2 sets of petals are kept as a whole and shaped, the 3rd set are cut part way across one petal and cut into the centre a little way. I then took one of the petals and brought it over the half petal which has a little wet glue on it to make a 4 petal flower.  When dry I shape the petals with a ball tool and curled the edges back with a quilling tool.

Cut part of a petal off and cut a slit into the centre next to the petal,
then overlap a full petal over the cut one and glue
The first 2 full sets are put together with a dab of wet glue in the centre, turning the 2nd set of leaves to sit over the gap in between the petals of the first set.

Using a quilling tool I took each of the ½ cut petals and rolled them into the centre and secured with a dab of glue.  The extra set of petals were cut off and the tops curled and added to either side of the central bud and then glued into the centre of the petal sets .  You may need to cut a little of the bottom of the bud set in order for them to sit neatly inside.

I hope this tutorial is useful for you and will be making some Foamiran flowers next
Thank you for visiting, see you next time
Jenny x