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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Tutorial for a notebook cover or card with die cuts and gilding waxes

Hello and welcome yo my crafty world

I posted this on facebook on a couple of sites this week and it seemed really popular - thank you for all your likes and kind comments, I really appreciate the feedback.  A couple of people asked me what I used so thought I would do a tutorial.

I didn't have another notebook this time so I used Crafters companion matt black card 300gsm and pebeo black gesso.
The card curled up at the edges when dry but just place it between your fingers on the edge and go all the way around gently curving it the other way and it flattens out.

I chose my day of the dead dies again but you could use any die cuts, and card or copy paper works

I cut my skeletons arms and legs just below the joints and restuck them in the position I chose for his seating position and also his arms for where I was placing the guitar.

I laid them on my gessoed card and used tacky glue to stick them down and then stamped and embossed some images ass well

Another coat of gesso and make sure all the elements are covered

Once totally dry I opened my silver gilding wax and as you can see you do not need a lot just on the pad of your finger (ring finger works best for me)

Tap it out onto the craft mat

Using the lightest of touches you feel like you are barely touching the card work your gilding waxes over the card until you have the effect you like,  take your time so you don't get any large blotches.

Always put the lid on your waxes between using them and I often mix the colours as I use them


Once you have the look you like leave it to dry completely I usually leave it for 30 mins or so , and then buff with a dry cloth   These are the two below I have made.   You can add copy paper pages by piercing a couple of holes in the spine an sewing through the paper inserts and spine to make a notebook

I hope this was useful, please let me know if any clarity is needed.
Thank you for visiting my blog xxx



  1. really love your project, joined site, I wish I knew how to publish my creations but lose the will to live trying to suss this out, is it this difficult? arahhh. XXX

    1. Hi thank you for liking my project Hope you can find someone who can help you easier with someone physically there to show you.

  2. Super, thanks for the blog. xxx

  3. This is gorgeous Jenny, I keep saying to myself about making a couple of notebooks for the kids using the faux leather technique but never get round to it lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx